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Gróska houses prominent companies such as CCP, which will have its new headquarters on the 3rd floor. This creative community setting is ideal for open dialogue and networking — both in-house and with regards to the academic community of the universities that surround it. Gróska is not an office building but a greenhouse of new ideas where established companies blossom alongside the latest startups.

A House of Ideas

Gróska business growth center, which is now being built in Vatnsmýri, Reykjavík, will be a melting pot of innovation. Whether you work alone or in a corporate setting you will find the perfect facilities in Gróska. Within our walls, prominent companies of all sizes can develop new ideas in an exciting environment. The location also encourages collaboration with universities in the field of technological development, research and innovation.

Gróska will be a four-story building spanning 17.500 m² in total, with an additional underground parking garage.

Our first tenants are here

The video game company CCP has recently moved in the building and have a brand new video to display their workplace.

With its vibrant community and culture, Gróska creates an environment where ideas become reality.
Gr. Floor

South of the building, there is a ramp leading down to the parking basement and a staircase from the entrance way down to the basement for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. There are 205 parking spaces available in the parking garage with 6 spaces designated for handicapped parking and charging stations for electric vehicles. There are also storage rooms for bicycles. In the center of the basement, “the canyon”, there is a bright and colorful stairway that opens up between all of the floors and connects them visually. The ground floor also has bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms for cyclists.

1. floor

The first floor of the house is designed for services and will include a food hall that showcases a variety of cuisine. There is a good amount of open space that can be tailored according to everyone’s needs. The headroom on the first floor is quite unique and the open windows give the building a distinct look.

A big conference room with over 200 seats in the heart of the building will be available for rent both for the companies in the house and for others who are interested.
2. floor

The second-floor layout is open and designed for offices, or even research facilities.

3. floor

The house’s third floor will be rented and occupied by CCP.

4. floor

The fourth floor offers a unique space with an exquisite view over the city and a balcony surrounding the entire floor.

News and Media

CCP moves in Gróska
Creator of Eve Online and other video games, CCP has moved into Gróska for its new headquarters.
New World Class in March 2020
World Class Fitness Center will open a spectacular 2000 sqm gym and wellness center on the ground floor of Gróska.
Gróska at Vatnsmyri getting close to opening
Construction at Gróska Idea House that rises in Vatnsmyri is close to opening.
Gróska, a center for ideas in Vatnsmyri
Gróska, a new idea center in Vatnsmyri meant to be a melting pot of inspiration and ideas and a collaboration tool for universities and businesseswill rise near the University of Iceland.

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